I have been engaged in more than 15 research projects in China, Denmark, and Ireland, working with industry, academia, and engineering partners cross the world. I have secured long and short-term independent research grants (1-3 years) for a total of over € 200,000.

My research has generated more than 40 publications that are widely cited, and also significant industry impact. My work on innovative mineral coating on Al alloys in collaboration with, for example, Siemens and Danish Technology Institute, has been applied on windmills in the North Sea.

Academic collaborations

[17] Project: Exploring the critical metal potential of the Irish-type Zn-Pb mines (ongoing, 2019-)
Collaborators: Prof. Murray Hitzman, Assist. Prof. Seán McClenaghan, Dr Steven Hollis, John Guven, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

[16] Project: Reconstruct the fluid evolution history of the Qingchengzi Pb-Zn-Au-Ag Orefield, NE China (ongoing, 2019-)
Collaborators: Dr Xiaoxia Duan, Hefei Technology University, China, and Associate Professor Thomas Ulrich, Aarhus University, Denmark

[15] Project: Ni anomaly in the Irish Midlands Orefield (ongoing, 2018-)
Collaborators: Assist. Prof. Seán McClenaghan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

[14] Project: Defining the depositional age of Mississagi Fm. by LA-ICPMS Pb isotope dating (0ngoing, 2018-)
Collaborator: Prof. Balz Kamber, Queensland Technology University, Australia

[13] Project: Iheya North hydrothermal field, Okinawa Trough, Japan: actively forming ‘Kuroko-type’ VHMS mineralisation (ongoing, 2017-)
Collaborator: Dr Steven P. Hollis, University College Dublin, Ireland

[12] Project: Ore-forming mechanism of gold deposits in the Qingchengzi ore field of the Liaodong (ongoing, 2016-)
Collaborator: Dr Guotao Sun, Prof. Qingdong Zeng, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

[11] Project: New visions in the genesis of roll front uranium deposits (ongoing, 2016-)
Collaborators: Dr Christophe Bonnetti, East China University of Technology, and Dr Thomas Riegler, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

[10] Project: Synergetic diagenetic evolution of deep-water gravity flow sandstones-mudstones (ongoing, 2015-)
Collaborator: Dr Tian Yang, University of Petroleum China, China

[9] Project: LA-ICPMS elemental mapping and its application in ore geology (ongoing, 2015-)
Collaborator: Prof. Qingdong Zeng, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

[8] Project: Abundance of the full range of Energy Critical Elements in Cu and Zn ores (2015-2019) iCRAG project funded by Science Foundation of Ireland
Mentor: Prof. Balz Kamber, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

[7] Project: The atmospheric O2 level before the Great Oxidation Event (GOE) (2015-2017)
Collaborators: Prof. Darrel G.F. Long, Laurentian University, Canada, and Prof. Balz Kamber, Queensland Technology University, Australia

[6] Project: The lower Cambrian weathering history interpreted from the sediment geochemistry Bornholm, Denmark (2013-2015)
Collaborator: Associate Prof. Arne Thorshøj Nielsen, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Industry collaborations

[5] Project: Fusion method development on the X-600 fluxer (2018)
Collaborator: Spex/Katanax, Canada and Europe

[4] Project: Characterise the mineralogical deportment of precious and penalty elements for the Highland Valley Copper deposit (2017)
Collaborator: Teck Resources, Canada

[3] Project: Crystal nucleation and its influence on the permeability of sandstones (2015)
Collaborator: DONG Energy, Denmark

[2] Project: Steam Induced Surface Treatment (SIST) (2011-2015)
Collaborators: Siemens A/S, Dan-Color A/S, Danish Technology Institute, Danish Technical University, Denmark

[1] Project: Superseding Resources Prospecting in resource-crisis mines, China: regularity of Mo mineralization in Northeast China (2008-2014)
Collaborators: Jilin Daheishan Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd., and China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd, China