Geometallurgy short course

It was a really great experience of attending the Geometallurgy short course organised by CODES. I learned so much about the life cycle of ores!! It feels like a new world is opened to me šŸ™‚

A big thanks to the course coordinators, all the lecturers and the other attendees for making the course educational and enjoyable!!

Virtual Goldschmidt 2021

A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to our Goldschmidt session 7gĀ – Mineral-scale analysis and geochemistry in service of Economic Geology! It was really fantastic to hear about so many excellent research going on around the world during the challenging time!!

You can still visit our session by following this link:

Call for abstracts!!

This year I am honoured to have an opportunity of organising a conference session with Prof. Zhaoshan Chang and several colleagues from France for the Goldschmidt 2021 šŸ™‚

Our session 07g-Mineral-scale analysis and geochemistry in service of Economic Geology is open for abstract submission now!! We welcome all submissions that advance our understanding of ore mineral geochemistry. The abstract submission remains open from January 15 to February 26.

We are delighted to have Prof. David Cooke, the director of CODES, delivering the Keynote talk of our session. Please follow this link to read details of our session description.

The Goldschmidt 2021 will be in a hybrid format, combining an onsite meeting for delegates who can travel, with an online meeting for those who cannot. The registration system offers sufficient flexibility for delegates to switch between onsite and online participance for free until 1 June. The conference will be held from 4-9 July.

A great ending of 2020 and a fresh start to 2021!

Happy New Year!!

At the end of 2020, we had the 10th paper published in our Special Issue of Critical Metals in Minerals. It is really exciting as our Special Issue will also be edited to a reprinted book by MDPI!! Check the full collections of published papers from here: Many thanks for the excellent work of all the authors, and the amazing support from our two other guest editors Prof. Hongrui Fan and Assoc. Prof. Thomas Ulrich!!

At the beginning of 2021, I kicked off the new academic year by attending an online workshop on Birghtspace, which was organised by UCD. The 2021 may continue to be a year of Crisis. But as the Chinese characters of Crisis (危ęœŗ) indicates, every Crisis consists of a Challenge ((危) and an Opportunity (ęœŗ). I look forward to a year with challenges and opportunities!

Review paper of Carbonatite-related REE deposit!

Carbonatite-related REE deposits supply the majority of light rare earth metals and niobium resources in the world. I had the great opportunity to collaborate with Prof. Hongrui Fan and his research group, writing this review paper about carbonatite-related REE resources. 

This review paper is included in our Special Issue “Critical Metals in Hydrothermal Ores: Resources, Recovery, and Challenges”, and can be viewed here or from this link: