School of Earth Sciences, University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland


2019-present: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Earth Sciences, University College Dublin, Ireland

2015-2019: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Geology Department, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

2014-2018: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 

2015: Research Assistant, Department of Geosciences, Aarhus University, Denmark

2011: Research Assistant, Department of Geosciences, Aarhus University, Denmark


2012-2015: Ph.D2 in Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Sedimentology
Department of Geosciences, Aarhus University, Denmark 
Thesis: Geochemical basis of mineral precipitation and transformation, and its application in coating industry, pp. 1-157.

2008-2014: Ph.D1 and Master in Geochemistry, Petrology, and Ore Geology
Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Thesis: Mineralization model of the Daheishan supergiant porphyry Mo deposit in Jilin province, Northeast China, pp. 1-208.

2004-2008: Bachelor (Hons) in Resources Prospecting Engineering
School of Resources and Environmental engineering, Hefei University of Technology, China
Thesis: Ore genesis of the Dongguashan skarn Cu deposit, Anhui Province, South China, pp. 1-86

Teaching Experience
  • Lecturer: Analysis in Geological, Earth and Environmental Research (GLU44922), 4th year undergraduate, Trinity College Dublin (Nov., 2019)
  • Lecturer: Introduction to Geochemistry (GLU3334), 3rd year undergraduate, Trinity College Dublin (Nov., 2019)
  • Lecturer : Introduction to Geochemistry (GL3334), 3rd year undergraduate, Trinity College Dublin (Nov., 2017)
  • Lecturer and Coordinator: Mineralogy (GL3318), 3rd year undergraduate, Trinity College Dublin (Oct.-Nov., 2015)
  • Teaching Assistant: Sediment description, 1st year M.Sc. course, Aarhus University (Aug.-Sept., 2014)
  • Instructor: Field course for Sediment description. 1st year M.Sc. course, Aarhus University (May, 2014)
  • Teaching Assistant: Sedimentary petrology, 1st year M.Sc. course, Aarhus University (Feb.-March, 2014)
  • Lecturer: SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) lab class, Sedimentary Petrology, 1st year M.Sc. course, Aarhus University (2013)
  • Teaching Assistant: Clastic Diagenesis, 1st year M.Sc. course, Aarhus University (April-June, 2013)
  • Teaching Assistant: Sedimentary Petrology, 1st year M.Sc. course, Aarhus University (Feb.-April, 2013)
Fieldwork experience

2019.06:  iCRAG-DREGS Irish Midlands Zn-Pb mineralisation field trip (Four days)
2016.09:  iCRAG Loughshinny field trip, Ireland (One day)
2014.05:  Sediment description field trip, Vejle, Denmark (Two days, instructor)

2011.09:  Porphyry Mo deposits in Central Jilin Province, NE China (One week, team leader)
2011.04-05:  Baimushigou and Baituyingzi Cu-Mo deposits, Inner Mongolia, Northern China (Three weeks)
2010.07-08:  Qingchengzi Pb-Zn-Au-Ag ore field in Liaoning Province, NE China (Three weeks).
2010.07:  Newly-found Cu, Mo, Pb-Zn-Ag deposits in Inner Mongolia Province (One week).
2010.05-06:  Porphyritic Xiaoxi’nancha Cu-Au and Duobaoshan Cu-Mo-Au deposits, NE China (Two weeks)
2009.07-08:  Daheishan porphyry Mo deposit in Jilin Province, NE China (Four weeks)
2007.10:  Geology of Tongling area, Eastern China (One week).
2006.06:  Geology of Chaohu area, Anhui province, Eastern China (One week).
2005.08:  Geology of Nanjing, Ma’anshan, Zhejiang areas, Eastern China (Two weeks).

Lab work skills
  • Expert in Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICPMS) spot and mapping analysis. Instruments: Photon machines G2 193nm UV laser with a Helex two-volume cell coupled to a Thermo iCAP Q-ICPMS, and a RESOlution laser + Agilent 7900 ICPMS. Experience with a novel rapid aerosol transport device–ARIS.
  • Expert in Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) combined with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) analysis. Instruments: Tescan Mira field emission gun (FEG) equipped with an Oxford X-Max 150 mm2 energy dispersive spectrometer.
  • Skilled in Optical Microcopy and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) analyses. Instruments: Panalytical X’pert Pro with an incident-beam monochromator of germanium.
  • Experience in: (1) Fluid inclusion composition analyses: micro thermometry analysis on a Linkam THMSG 600 heating-freezing system attached to a Leitz microscope; Raman Spectroscopy on Lam HR 800; (2) Isotope analyses: H-O isotopes on Finnigan MAT 252-, S, Pb isotopes on Finnigan MAT 262- thermal ionization mass spectrometers); Rb-Sr-Sm-Nd isotope analyses on a Finnigan Mat 262 thermal ionization mass spectrometers; (3) Geochronology analyses: Re-Os dating on a TJA X-series ICPMS; U-Pb dating and Lu-Hf isotopes analysis by a stream split system comprising a Agilent 7500a quadrupole (Q)-ICPMS and a Neptune multi-collector (MC)-ICPMS; Ar-Ar dating in YAG system by MM-1200B Mass Spectrometer; (4) Other in-situ geochemistry analyses: Electron Probe Micro-analyzer (EPMA) analysis on a JEOL JXA-8100; X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) om a Phillips PW 2400 x-Ray fluorescence spectrometer; Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM); (5) Proficient in the use of geological softwares, including Iolite, Igopro, Monocle, Chromium, Minpet, Geoplot, Aztec, QGIS.
Grants & bursaries

2020:  University College Dublin seed funding, €1250, Principal Investigator
Project: Critical Metal Potential of the Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits

2020-2021:  Royal Irish Academy, €2238, Principal Investigator
Project: Characterise Energy Critical Metals in the Irish type Zn-Pb ores

2019-2021:  Geological Survey of Ireland, €150,000, Principal Investigator
Project: Exploring the critical metal potential in the Irish ore system

2018-2021:  National Natural Science Foundation of China, €30,000, Principal Investigator
Project: Visualization of episodic hydrothermal activities at mineral scale by LA-ICPMS elemental mapping: an application to the Daheishan supergiant porphyry Mo deposit, NE China (No. 41702090)

2015-2018:  China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, €7,000, Principal Investigator
Project: Applying modern micro-mineralogical analyses in decoding ore genesis (No. 2015M571116)

2015-2016: The International Postdoctoral Academic Exchange Fellowship Program, €4,000

2011-2012:  Scholarship from the China Scholarship Council to visit Aarhus University, Denmark, €20,000

Prizes & awards

2020: Royal Irish Academy Charlemont Scholar
2019: Distinguished contribution to the Key project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China “Large-scale porphyry-type mineralization in the Central Asian metallogenic domain” (grant no. 41390440)
2011:  Outstanding Ph.D Student of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
2010:  Outstanding presentation. The 10th national conference of ore deposits, Changchun, China.
2008:  Outstanding graduate of Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China

Invited talks

2019:  “LA-ICPMS elemental mapping and case studies in Ore Geology”, China University of Geosciences, China
2019:  “LA-ICPMS elemental mapping: Into the past and future”, Aarhus University, Denmark

2019: “LA-ICPMS elemental mapping: revealing the critical world”, laser workshop, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
2018:  “LA-ICPMS elemental mapping and its application in Ore Geology”, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2017:  “The Secrets of Pyrite”, University College Dublin, Ireland

Learning skills and career development

2020: Teaching and Learning training certificate (online), UCD
Project Management (online), UCD
: Data Management Plan workshop (online), UCD Library
2020: First aid training, UCD
Adaptive leadership, UCD 
EDGE Academic CV’s/interviews workshops, TCD 
UCD’s Funding Database workshop, UCD 
2019: Voice Coaching Masterclass, TCD
Pitch to Win – Your Skills, TCD
  Royal Society-Science Foundation of Ireland grant proposal development, TCD
2019: LA-ICPMS Fundamentals, Instrumentations, and Applications. 
2018: EIT RawMaterials Info Lunch, TCD
Media training with Editor of The Conversation, TCD
CBBG (Centre for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics) and NEWT (Centre for Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment) NSF Centres and iCRAG workshop.         

2017:  iCRAG Microbeam Workshop, TCD
2017:  ERC (European Research Council) proposal development workshop, TCD

Academic service
  • Conference session organiser: Goldschmidt 2020 Session 08q: Processes of Hydrothermal Ore Formation for Base, Precious and Critical Metals
  • Journal editor: Geofluids (IF: 2.54). Handled with 6 published manuscripts (2018- present)
  • Special Issue organiser: “Critical Metals in Hydrothermal Ores: Resources, Recovery, and Challenges” in journal Minerals (IF: 2.25)
  • Journal reviewer: Precambrian Research, Chemical Geology, Lithos, Ore Geology Reviews, Mineralium Deposita, Minerals, International Geology Reviews, Marine and Petroleum Geology, etc (2011- present)
  • Workshop organiser: “LA-ICPMS Fundamentals, Instrumentations, and Applications”, TCD (2019)
  • Symposium organiser: Sharing Methodologies, TCD (2019)
  • Seminar organiser: Weekly Thursday lunchtime seminar at the Geology Department, TCD (2018)
Professional Memberships and Affiliations
  • Member of the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG)
  • Member of the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG)
  • Member of the Irish Geological Association (IGA)
  • Member of the Irish Association for Women in Geosciences (IAWG)
Public engagment

2019:  Invited speaker (title: Magic Minerals) for the 3rd year students at the Ma’anshan primary school, China
Invited speaker for the “e-mining” course for the Castletroy College, Limerick, Ireland 
Volunteer for Girls into Geosciences (GIGs) event, Galway